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Brattle educational products and early learning products created and distributed by Brattle Publishing Group

LEAP Into School!®

LEAP Into School! is a research-based, multidisciplinary early learning resource that helps prepare preschoolers for kindergarten. Designed and developed by Brattle Education for children ages 3–5, LEAP Into School! supports the following skills:

  • language acquisition and enrichment
  • preliteracy
  • mathematics
  • science and social studies
  • fine and gross motor skills
  • social and emotional skill development.

LEAP Into School! is sold as a complete program or as individual components. Visit the LEAP Into School! website at or contact us to learn more!

Early Readers’ Fairy Tale Collection, Classroom Edition

A supplemental resource for social and emotional development

The Early Readers’ Fairy Tale Collection, Classroom Edition, is a series of classic stories retold by author Samuel Valentino. The Frog Prince, The Woodcutters and the Mermaid, and The Three Billy Goats Gruff teach important lessons about sharing, keeping promises, teamwork, and the dangers of greed.

The stories are bundled with a 150-page instructor’s guide, Lessons for Social and Emotional Development. The guide contains lessons focused on building social skills and emotional development through a variety of activity formats including Meaningful Play!

Contact us to learn more about the Classroom Edition.

An Interactive Way to Learn

The LEAP Into School!® Letters and Numbers Learning App is a fun and interactive way for your children to practice learning letters, numbers, and play fun and educational games.

Created for iPads and Android tablets and interactive whiteboards, the app will provide your children hours of learning in a comfortable, technology-based environment.