Brattle Education is a full-service learning company. We collaborate with leading educational publishers, academics and researchers, digital learning companies, international education implementors, development partners, and local stakeholders.

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Brattle Trade is a creator and publisher of children’s literature and digital products that motivate a lifelong love of reading.

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Brattle Publishing Group creates and publishes educational products that motivate lifelong learning.

Through its Education and Trade divisions, Brattle Publishing develops products for our customers that include educational publishers, international development firms, school districts, and consumers of children’s literature.



Brattle Releases Preteen Novel 1 For All by Author Sean McCollum

Dallas, TX–Brattle Trade, a Division of Publishing Group (BPG), announced the upcoming release of its new preteen novel, 1 For All, a sports book about teamwork and leadership. This exciting tale of a middle school basketball team, the Traverse Musketeers, explores the struggles of team captain J.J. Pickett and his teammates as they face their most challenging season.

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Statement in Support of Equality

Since its inception, Brattle Publishing Group® has worked to promote literacy, foster equity, and celebrate diversity. Recent events in the United States and around the world have made this mission even more critical. Brattle will continue to work with our global partners to build a world where people do not face systemic discrimination or are subject to violence due to gender, race, ethnicity, identity, or sexual orientation. We will continue to support and promote those organizations that share our mission, values, and a vision of a more educated, equitable, and tolerant world.

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