Read Liberia Activity

Building off the success of our effective Liberia Teacher Training Program II, Brattle Education and our partners created the Read Liberia Activity program. 

Brattle Education:

  • Worked in partnership with Research Triangle International and the Liberian Ministry of Education.
  • Analyzed assessment data and student progress reports from the previous curriculum implementation.
  • Developed a blueprint for comprehensive instruction and assessment that included a full multigrade scope and sequence that mapped to the Liberian National Curriculum.
  • Developed Teacher Instruction Guides, Student Activity Books, supplementary readers, and a student reading book, Let’s Read.
  • Provided full-service development to create over 500 sets of weekly and daily lessons, student activities, and homework components and a student anthology of more than 70 original stories. 
  • Created a comprehensive system of weekly assessments, benchmark exams, and oral reading fluency assessments.
  • Offered ongoing revision and update services.