Ages 9 to 13

A Raccoon’s Tale: Seven Saves the Notch

by Fran Hodgkins

2017 Purple Dragonfly Award (Middle Grade Fiction)
2017 Silver Benjamin Franklin Award Winner (Young Reader Fiction)
2018 New York City Big Book Award (Children’s Fiction Distinguished Favorite)

According to forest legend, a clever raccoon was born with seven rings on her tail on a night when the moon glowed bright copper. This raccoon is destined to be the only one who could save the Notch, the safe forest valley where animal life began. This raccoon is Seven Rings Moon! With her sister Arnica at her side, Seven Rings Moon journeys from the city to the forest, encountering new dangers at every turn. Can she find the Notch in time, or will she be too late to save it from humanity?

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“A rousing, feel-good animal story of courage and compassion—a winner.”

Kirkus Review

“This is a great story about a smart raccoon who goes on an adventure to save her forest…and her friends along the way. Seven Rings Moon is a character your kids will love. She is intelligent, brave, and responsible. She is a great role model. The story also brought up issues around deforestation and the destruction of forests. Its short chapters and creative illustrations also helped to encourage them to keep reading. My children loved this book and could not put it down. This is a must buy.”

Len. R.

About Fran Hodgkins

Fran Hodgkins was born in Massachusetts, the youngest of four children. As a child she loved animals and books — especially books! The neighborhood branch library was one of her favorite haunts, and she spent hours there, reading her way through the children’s collection.

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