Brattle Trade is a publisher of fiction and non-fiction books for children, ages 3–13. We accept unsolicited and unagented submissions. Before you submit, look at our website to make sure that your submission matches the genres and style of the other books on our list.

Every manuscript receives careful consideration. We will respond after your manuscript has been thoroughly reviewed. Our response time may be up to 12 weeks.

Please do not call our offices to discuss your manuscript.

SUBMISSIONS: Please submit your manuscript by e-mail. We will send an e-mail receipt of the submission as soon as we receive it. (NOTE: If you submit your manuscript by e-mail and you have not received an e-mail acknowledging receipt within seven days, please submit again. Your submission may be caught in a spam filter.)

MANUSCRIPT REQUIREMENTS: Your manuscript must:

  • Be double-spaced with one-inch margins.
  • Include a common font (Arial, Times New Roman) in 12pt size.
  • Be free of  spelling, grammar and punctuation errors. The more professional your manuscript is, the better chance it has of being considered.
  • Include a title page with the title centered on the page, your name, address, phone number, e-mail address, and word count in the bottom-right-hand corner.

COVER LETTER: Please submit a query letter with your manuscript. Make sure that it includes the following information:

  • A short and concise summary of your story, with a working title and a word count. Please make this summary short and concise.
  • Information about the availability of photographs or artwork, if applicable.
  • Your market research. List the competition—i.e., other books that are similar to yours. List the author, publisher, and publishing year of each book. What makes your book unique in the marketplace? Describe the ideal reader.
  • Your ideas for selling your book. Are you willing to do author visits? Do you have a connection to a special group of people who might be part of our target audience?
  • Pertinent biographical data. Don’t overdo your background to impress us, but tell us who you are, if you have won awards, and if you have other published works.