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RTI and Brattle Develop Covid-19 Radio and Television Instruction for the Philippines

Dallas, TX— Brattle Education, a division of Brattle Publishing Group® (Brattle) is working closely with Research Triangle International (RTI) to conceptualize and develop prototype content for emergency COVID-19 instruction for the Department of Education of the Philippines and USAID.

Brattle has been contracted by RTI to conceptualize television and radio programming that forwards the goals of the nation’s curriculum goals during the public health emergency in the Philippines. “As COVID-19 continues to spread,  the government of the Philippines has mandated that learning will continue through radio and television-based outlets. We are excited to participate in efforts to educate the children of the Philippines using traditional media widespread throughout the country,” said Brattle’s Editorial Lead and Strategic Consultant Carol Karton.  Children are expected to tune in regularly  to receive reading instruction using these media forms.

The work will begin immediately in time for the start of school this fall.

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