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Local Competency and Capacity Building

  • Brattle believes in the importance of exchanging ideas and knowledge. We conduct research and build relationships with our clients to learn about the local context and the expertise within the community.
  • We work with our clients to better understand and meet their goals at every stage of the project, from program planning and development through project delivery and implementation.
  • Brattle collaborates with local content developers, illustrators and designers, and regional printers. We partner to develop professional frameworks and practices that build sustainable local industries and communities of educators.
  • Our team can also support educators using our products with workshops and seminars that build core competencies and ensure the ongoing and future success of our client’s teams.

How We Develop Learning Materials

Brattle uses the latest educational research to design and develop effective instructional solutions for educators and learners around the world. We team with our clients to create customized, culturally sensitive learning materials that promote diversity and equity.

We offer complete creative services including instructional design, design and layout, and production. We also do project scheduling and management.

The Brattle team is highly adaptable and has experience using multiple approaches based on our clients’ preferred development processes. We have successfully implemented a number of methodologies including traditional ADDIE and waterfall models, Agile learning processes, and Design Thinking problem-solving.

Tell us about your process and we will use it to best partner with you! Our experts are also available to train clients, local educators, and other partners on research-based instruction and program development and implementation.

ADDIE ProcessPhases of Training Program Design

Partnering With Brattle!

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"Brattle brings great knowledge and expertise. They always manage to turn the messiness of required content into a beautiful end product. They have shown themselves willing to go above and beyond to adapt to changing conditions and deadlines."
Karen Hardon
Senior Research Education Analyst, Research Triangle International