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Brattle Publishing Celebrates Fifteen Years!

Dallas-based Brattle Publishing Group turned 15 in May. Founded in Cambridge, Massachusetts, on May 6, 2009, Brattle has conceptualized and developed innovative learning experiences for the school market and created award-winning children’s literature. Brattle has worked with skilled experts, scholars, authors, and designers in its mission to create, entertain, and encourage enthusiastic learning.

During its fifteen-year history, Brattle has produced large-scale learning solutions and supplemental educational materials for many clients, including Lexia Learning, VoyagerSopris, Istation, and Teachtown. The company has also created simulations, corporate learning experiences, and other supplemental materials for the Edward M. Kennedy Institute and Harvard Business School Publishing.

Through its ongoing partnership with Research Triangle International, Brattle’s teams have worked internationally, creating literacy and mathematics programs in Malawi, teacher professional development materials in Kyrgyzstan, multilingual design and production in Senegal and Uzbekistan, and more. “In fifteen years, Brattle has created nearly 10,000 instructional lesson plans, activities, and assessments; designed and produced more than 25,000 pages of content; and developed nearly 100 animated lessons and educational television programs. We’ve worked with and developed materials in 14 different languages, on four continents, and impacted the lives of millions of students and their teachers worldwide. I am excited to think about the reach that Brattle’s small but talented team has had,” said Richard A. Lena, President.

Brattle creates and distributes its own materials from its Brattle Publishing Group® and LEAP Into School!® imprints. Its preschool program, LEAP Into School!®, authored by early-learning expert Nell Carvell, was used in preschools in Texas. This program created a multidisciplinary curriculum for children ages 3 to 5. Additionally, Brattle has collaborated with children’s authors and illustrators to create early reader books, middle school chapter books, and young adult novels. “As a writer, I feel that Brattle Publishing is a place where I, and others, can make our voices heard. As an illustrator, it’s a place where I create art that both entertains and educates globally,” said author and illustrator Samuel Valentino. Brattle titles have received several prestigious awards, such as the New York Big Book Award, the Independent Book Publishers Awards, the Moonbeam Awards, the Dragonfly Awards, and the Readers’ Favorites Book Awards.

As Brattle looks ahead to the next decade, the company plans to expand its product line, coupling its children’s books with exciting toys and games. “The toys and games support what children read in the books. They continue a child’s enjoyment of a story once they close the cover and provide them with a different way to experience the fun in the story. Of course, playing the game first may inspire children to read the book that’s packaged with it. A win-win!” said Carol Karton, Brattle’s Director of Content.

Celebrating 15 Years!