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Brattle Education and RTI Kick Off Okuu Keremet! Project in Kyrgyzstan

Dallas, TX— Brattle Education, a division of Brattle Publishing Group® has been chosen by Research Triangle International (RTI) as a collaborative partner on the Okuu Keremet! Project, a teacher-training program in Reading and Mathematics instruction and supplemental reading development for the Republic of Kyrgyzstan.

Developed under the direction of USAID, RTI and Brattle will be creating a multiyear, multilingual teacher-training program that will introduce improved instructional strategies and routines to the teachers of this Central Asian republic. Working closely with Kyrgyz and American literacy and math experts and linguists, RTI and Brattle will create professional development in Kyrgyz, Russian, and other local languages that will include hands-on and digital learning components.

“This collaborative program is an incredible opportunity to improve the quality of instruction in Kyrgyzstan. Despite the difficulty of developing and delivering such an experience during a global pandemic and the subsequent restrictions on daily activities, our team is thrilled to be working with the dedicated experts from the Kyrgyz Republic and RTI. Our team in the United States and Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, will produce and deliver an incredible learning experience,” said Richard-Anthony Lena, President of Brattle. Development of the materials will continue through the fall of 2020 and will be delivered to the program’s participants over the next several years.

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