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How We Develop Learning Materials

As we develop our own products, we use a variety of processes including the traditional ADDIE Model. This multiphase model and its five discrete stages—Analysis, Design (also known as Definition), Development, Implementation, and Evaluation—has been successful for us. Each phase uncovers information that is used to feed the next and the phases build upon each other.

The Brattle team is highly adaptable with experience using multiple approaches and hybrids based on our partners’ preferred development processes. We have successfully implemented a number of methodologies including a traditional waterfall model, Agile Learning processes, and Design Thinking problem-solving. Tell us about your process and we will use it to best partner with you!

ADDIE ProcessPhases of Training Program Design

Local Competency and Capacity Building

Brattle believes in the importance of exchanging ideas and knowledge, recognizing our limitations with regard to the local context and the expertise brought by our counterparts.

We work with our partners to understand their needs and to incorporate capacity building and local competency into every project, from program planning and development through project delivery and implementation. 

Strategies include collaborating with local content developers, training illustrators and designers, and working with local printers. Brattle develops and delivers workshops and seminars to build competency and ensure the ongoing and future success of our client’s teams.