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ABC+ Project: My TV School!, Philippines

In response to Covid-19 school closures in the Philippines, Brattle Education and RTI collaborated with local experts to create an educational series to provide literacy instruction to children in Grades 2 and 3. My TV School! Story Corner, sponsored by USAID and the Philippine Department of Education, used accessible media formats, such as television and radio, to provide remote learning opportunities.

Brattle Education:

  • Worked in partnership with Research Triangle International (RTI) and several Philippine partners to create a multinational team of experts— including local production teams and language experts.
  • Developed a scope-and-sequence of literacy skills for second-language learners and aligned these skills to ABC+ literacy components previously distributed in-country.
  • Conceptualized and created 30 television scripts, using research-based strategies that combined literacy and television-based instruction.
  • Worked closely with local teams to include bridging strategies from mother tongue to English.
  • Reviewed rough cuts and provided post-production quality-assurance reports to maintain the integrity of the instructional design.