Brattle Publishing

Shipping and Returns

Brattle Publishing Group is a provider of innovative educational and entertainment products and services. Visit our catalog and the Brattle Publishing Store to learn more about our exciting products.


The cost to ship items from each product category within the contiguous U.S. varies by the number of items and the shipping service selected. The chart below will help you to determine the rates. Compute shipping by totaling the number of items by the shipping service and shipment cost. All services include tracking.

Item Shipping Service Per Shipment Cost Delivery time
Hardcover and Softcover Book USPS Media Mail 3.50 for first book; .50 for each additional book in the order 5–7 Days (Domestic)
  USPS Priority Mail $6.75 (flat rate) 2 Days (Domestic)

Return Policy

All merchandise is returnable within 7 business days. Shipping and handling is not refundable and return shipping is the responsibility of the customer.